Final Year Crash Course


Heads up! We are offering a “Crash Course” in neurology for students about to encounter a head-on collision with finals.

This is a two-day crammer on all things neuro.

The venue is the Education Centre at The James Cook University Hospital. Dates and start times vary from year to year so keep your eyes peeled.

The format will be as follows:

Crash course part one

  • Neuro for Dummies
  • The neuro exam – how not to balls it up
  • The neuro history & What tests to do and why
  • How to think and speak like a doctor

Crash course part two

  • Parkinson’s and MS
  • Spines, nerve and other handy things to know
  • Fits, faints and funny turns
  • Neuromuscular weakness – MND, GBS and Myasthenia
  • The neuro surgery – anything you want to ask but are afraid of sounding stupid

The feedback from previous years has been pretty good.

“so clear compared to previous neuro teaching…why oh why has it taken me to get to the final few weeks of medicine to have so many lightbulb moments. Thank you!”

“This was an absolutely brilliant day’s teaching. This was among the very best (if not *the* best) teaching I’ve received in medical school. Most lecturers can’t keep students interested for 30 minutes, but you managed a whole day and we still weren’t bored by the end. Superb!”

“So useful! Simplified neurology clearly and concisely. I always thought neurology was a tricky subject but I feel more confident about it now. Covered so much as well.”

“Dr Archibald involved us, asking questions at a level appropriate to us, and it didn’t feel like we were being picked on, which was great!”

“The whole day was really interactive and pitched at a perfect level for someone like myself approaching their finals with some basic Neuro knowledge locked away but not a framework in which to use it. All of the sessions were really relevant and accessible and provided great tools for thinking about neurological presentations and approaching patients presenting with neurological conditions both in finals and as an FY1.”

If you attended, and want to improve the session for next year, then please take five minutes to tell us what was good, bad or indifferent about the teaching.

Your feedback will help us improve the course for the years that follow.

Good luck and see you on the wards…!

Follow the link to leave your own feedback


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