Who are TeesNeuro?

We are three consultant neurologists based at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, UK.

By day, we are all general neurologists with our own sub-specialty interests. We also run the Neurology undergraduate teaching at the Tees Base Unit for the Newcastle University medical students.

By night, we fight crime as part of an elite ninja unit called “secret synapse” – but will deny this if asked.

Lou Wiblin

Consultant Neurologist

Practices movement disorders, trying to develop neuropalliative care and trying (probably failing) to keep up a research interest.

Living each day with cat addiction. Vulcan at work, Klingon in the kitchen

Samer Al Hussayni

Consultant Neurologist

Interested in cerebrovascular disorders & stroke research

An introvert native Spanish speaker, who messes up with Arabic at home and does his best in English at work.

Loves wildlife documentaries!

Neil Archibald

Consultant Neurologist

Interested in Movement & Cognitive disorders. Dabbles in what he like to call “psychoneurology”. Finds it all very interesting.

Drinks a lot of coffee; swears a bit too much; terrible with emails.

Are you a medical student or junior doctor and fancy joining the team?

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