Why Teesside?

We know what you are thinking. Why would I want to study or work in Teesside? What is in it for me?

You choose to work or study somewhere for a load of different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because the unit is good. Sometimes, your like the hospital and have heard good things about it. Sometimes, you pick a region because you have a positive association or like what it has to offer – after all, you are not at work all the time.

Where is Teesside?

You’ll find us in the North East of England, North of York and South of Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s up for debate what county we’re in – Cleveland or North Yorkshire. Makes it hard to do cognitive assessments on the population.

It’s a fairly deprived region and some the the bigger towns have had a rough time with loss of industry and investment. The urban centres are pretty small (Middlesbrough, Redcar, Stockton etc) but, all told, the Neuroscience department covers a big area – 1,000,000 adults – and we provide services to places such as Darlington, Stockton, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Whitby, Northallerton and all the huge rural spaces in between.

The Department

The Neuroscience Department is based at The James Cook University Hospital. This the the South entrace, where we Neurologists hang out.

The department looks like this:

  • Neurologists – 10 consultants (specialists in Movement disorders, MS, Headache, Epilepsy, Stroke, MND, Neuropathies and Sleep; 14 bed neurology ward; neurology day unit)
  • Neurophysiology – 3 consultants (specialising in EEG and periperhal nerve conduction studies and EMG)
  • Neurosurgery – 10 consultants (specialists in neuro-oncology, neurovascular, spinal, CSF disorders)
  • Neuroradiology – 2 consultants (interventional neuroradiology including coiling and mechanical thrombectomy)
  • Neuropsychology – 3 consultants (interests in cognitive and functional neurological disorders)
  • Neurorehabilitation – 3 consultants (including neurorehab ward)
  • Spinal injuries – 2 consultants (including regional spinal injuries centre)
  • Stroke – 4 consultants (with large stroke ward and access to direct mechancial thrombectomy)

As you can see, we have a great mix of skills and a very friendly working relationshipthat makes the job much easier. You know how loads of places have big egos and unhelpful attitudes – well that isn’t the way we do it in Teesside.

Some of the team getting ready for a COVID shift early in the first wave of COVID19 in 2020. We are really proud of the contribution the whole team made, and are still making. It was rough but we did it together.

We haven’t even mentioned the amazing therapy teams and specialist nurses we are lucky enough to work with. We have brilliant neurophysios, neuro-OTs, speech therapists and some of the best specialist nurses in the country in MS, Epilepsy, Stroke, MND and PD.

The question isn’t really “Why work or study at TeesNeuro?”; the question is “Why aren’t you already here?”

The surrounding region

It’s often said that “it’s a bit grim up north, isn’t it?” But the answer is a resounding “No”. It is fair to say that you don’t move here for the metropolitan chic and cafe culture. If you like living in a big city, with all that has to offer, you might not be very settled living and working here. At a pinch, you can commute from Newcastle upon Tyne (1h 20min) or Durham (40min) but that kind of defeats the purpose of being here a bit.

The towns and villages within 20-30 minutes of JCUH are lovely and it’s that mix of smaller town or rural life, with a great working environment, that makes it worth the move. You have the North York Moors and Cleveland Hills just south of the hospital and can easily live and commute from there (some of us even cycle in quicker than you can drive).

You have the coastal town of Saltburn within easy commute too, which is great if you like a bit of water sports (apparently the surf is good there). Further down the coast, you hit Whitby, with all it’s majesty and history. Bit far for the commute, maybe, but a great journey on the steam train for a day out with the family.

You can also opt for areas like Yarm, Norton, Ingelby Barwick or Darlington. They’re 20-30 minutes from JCUH on a good run and closer to urban centres, transport links to other areas (via the East Coast main line, for example) and some of the bigger schools. Loads of the staff from JCUH live out this way so you have lots of colleagues nearby and lots of support for new starters.

Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington town centres might, you could argue, do with a “bit of work” but there are some really nice bits to them, cool little independent shops, if you know where to look, and the trademark friendliness of the North East everywhere.

We can’t profess to know too much about the footie but the Riverside Stadium is a great place to watch the ‘Boro play – as long as the result doesn’t upset you too much.

So, to recap, if you are looking for the biggest, baddest, academic, high-powered and prestigious Neurology Department in the country then you might be disappointed to end up here (and, to be honest, we might not employ you because you might upset the happy vibe anyway!).


If you are a good general neurologist, have a keen specialist interest, can work well with the rest of the team and are looking for a work-life balance that doesn’t have you pressed up against somebody’s armpit for 3 hours a day on mass transit systems, then get in touch and come and have a look around.