Medical Students

Our neurology unit is heavily involved in medical student teaching …

… we love it.

In addition to structured parts of your rotations we are keen to have you for either SSCs or home electives.

Don’t just take our word for it … here is some of our recent feedback.

We didn’t make it up, you know.



"… the best teaching I have received in 3 years on the course from … doctors who understand and value teaching as a skill in itself."
"The bedside teaching in the academic centre supplemented what was being taught in a concise and focused way. It is easy to be confused at our level with overlapping signs but the tutors provided a good balance of a hands off and hands on approach to teaching."
"All tutors were very engaging and friendly, but encouraged us to work thru problems systematically. There was a great range of patients in varying states of health, who gave up their time to talk to us and allow us to examine them."
"Before the fortnight, I didn't think neurology was for me, however after all the cases and the patients we saw I am definitely more interested in neurology."
"Each patient had a unique story which I thoroughly enjoyed exploring in detail. There were also plenty of opportunities for practicing and refining our examination techniques."
"The teaching was great, very engaging and the various interesting cases that were brought in were a delight for students to observe."
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