Unlocking the Neuro exam

One of the great challenges we face in neurology is trying to convince people that neurological examination isn’t a) massively complex b) massively time-consuming and c) massively disappointing (when you bother).

It is not unusual to find “neurology NAD” written in admission notes. Whilst this might mean “no abnormality detected”, I suspect is more often means “not actually done”.

Many people with start off with the comment that their neuro exam is “rubbish”. Others will pick up all the right signs but not put two and two together correctly.

This lecture takes you through a standardised approach to the neuro exam. It uses illustrations and patient videos to demonstrate the key points and highlight the techniques.

**this lecture doesn't cover cognitive assessment, which you will find in the "delirium/dementia" talk or eye movements, which you will find in "Neuro for Dummies".**

I hope you find it useful.


Lecture notes are here – neuro exam small

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