Cases for finals #9 – examination

On examination you find the following:

  • Speech – quiet
  • HMF – normal
  • Cranial nerves – normal
  • ULs – resting tremor on right hand side; goes away when moves and then comes back again
  • Tone – increased R > L
  • Power – normal
  • Reflexes – normal
  • LLs – normal
  • Gait – slow; reduced arm swing on right

So what have you got?

Basically, you have a hypokinetic movement disorder characterised by tremor, increased tone and a reduction in arm swing on walking.

I have left out one thing here – what VITAL piece of the puzzle is missing?

And here is how to examine it.

So you will be unsurprised to hear that this is Parkinson’s disease. There is a list of other options but this story is most consistent with PD.

Follow the link to find out a bit more and watch more videos.

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