Cases for finals #9 – history

57 year old woman

  • tremor in right hand for 6 months
  • feels she has slowed down in last 12 months
  • husband says she is dragging her feet
  • feels a bit unsteady but no falls
  • bladder irritable
  • tends to thrash about in bed when asleep
  • sense of smell not very good

Your summary would be:

Chronic, progressive neurological disorder characterised by tremor, slowness of movement and balance problems. 

There are a few other interesting things going on here. There are some autonomic symptoms (smell, bladder) and also a tendency to act out dreams – we would call this REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD for short).

I’m guessing most of you have a good idea what this is already but why not ask yourself this – if it’s not that, then what else could it be?


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